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Brilliant people

At CloudStream we are looking for something above and beyond the market norm, our teams stand out from the crowd and make an impression.

Work for us

Once you join CloudStream you join a global family. We look to share, develop and support each other in our goal to create a market leading business. We lift each other up to reach the clouds.

Customer success

Our customers success is our success, we expect everyone within our business to go the extra yard and celebrate the success of others. Celebrate your successes and learn from the failures.

The 5 things you need to know

Make it fun

Life is too short we want to make sure your working world is as fun, enjoyable and exciting as possible.


Innovation is a job requirement ay CloudStream, its woven into the fabric of our business, we want your ideas on how we can exceed expectations.


Who says you can’t mix business & pleasure. At CloudStream we love inviting customers to join us at our corporate events and celebrate our success.

Global Presence

We deliver services via our five international offices each consisting of highly experienced technology & talent experts.


Our business is designed to address the talent issues that are disrupting & transforming the market.

We believe this is a incredible place to work but don’t take our word for it instead find out from our most recent team members

Luke Zbieranowski, Principal Consultant - Cyber Security

As a young man I grew up with a military father, always out and about on ‘adventures’, walks and seeing the world. Growing up with 3 older brothers moulded me into a calm, patient and considerate person (learnt through trial and failure of course and constant gentle reminders from the boys). I started my working…

Lawrence Cox, Talent Principal

Although originally from Cape Town, I relocated to London almost 12 years ago and love living in such a dynamic and vibrant city. As Europe’s leading tech hub and home to some of the hottest start-ups on the planet, it is definitely an exciting place to be for tech recruitment. My focus is on App…

John Clayton, Talent Director

I’m responsible for the APAC business based out of Singapore, I’ve worked in the IT Recruitment and Professional Services space for 10 years’, covering both the EMEA and APAC markets. My career to date has focused heavily around technology transformation and migration, supporting a mix of both integrators and end-users. I like to engage my…

Paul Bosman, Talent Principal

Upon completing my postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town, I had the enviable opportunity to spend 2 amazing years as crew for private luxury yachts traveling between US & Mediterranean. What a time and what an adventure, but at some point you have to start the serious business of building your…

Christine Haung, Talent Consultant

Originally from KwaZulu-Natal and of Taiwanese descent. I am fluent in English, Mandarin, and have started adding another language to my repertoire “Afrikaans”. I am fortunate to call Cape Town my home as I ended up here by default – having studied a BA course in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in Stellenbosch University, and decided…

Join our team

CloudStream is one of the hottest talent service providers to launch into the technology market. Our business is designed to address the talent issues that are disrupting & transforming the market. We have a global presence delivered via our five international offices each consisting of highly experienced technology & talent experts.

Our vision and rapid expansion means we are continually looking for like-minded thinkers. If you are interested in joining an innovative and dynamic organisation, and determined to help our clients achieve their business, technology and strategic objectives, then please investigate our live positions or contact our internal talent acquisition team.

Featured Opportunity

Diversity Consultant - London

To find out more

Contact Caylee de Ricquebourg

Talent Acquisition Manager


“One of the best things about CloudStream is our sense of community, in a pressured environment driven by sales targets it is critical we never lose sight of having fun.”

Inclusion and Diversity - Where we are today

Inclusion, Diversity & Empowerment are critical to all levels of our business. A diverse and inclusive culture creates an environment synonymous with creativity, innovation and engagement. The values we hold dearest at CloudStream.

In order to create a truly diverse & inclusive business, CloudStream have partnered with “The Centre for Inclusive Leadership”. Here we work together to address four major topics that will allow our business to flourish.

Equal Attraction

Attracting a more diverse talent pool

Equal Advancement

Create equal advancement opportunities for all

Equal Opportunity

Give everyone an equal opportunity to be successful

Equal Pay

Create a standardised compensation matrix that is fit for all