At CloudStream we believe sector knowledge is critical to project success. Every region has expert teams focused on each of our five core sectors.

The consultants in every team have deep industry intelligence, blended with technical vertical exposure. A combination that allows for the provision of best in market talent solutions.

Our Expertise

CloudStream have a team of global experts providing sourcing solutions across the entire technical stack. Our consultants distinguish themselves through a deep rooted knowledge & passion in application development and recognise the differing range of skills required for the successful design, architecture and development of modern, robust systems. Our expertise ranges from traditional waterfall based development to agile, Scrum or rapid prototyping utilising all manner of languages.

 Expert Areas

Software Engineering – Opensource
Web Development
Scrum Masters

Software Engineering – OO Application
Mobile Development
Development Management

Digital & analytical technology will have a profound influence on organisations that want to maximise spend, market coverage and customer experience. In order to embrace this digital revolution a new breed of talent is needed. CloudStream have built a dedicated digital team to search and deliver this talent & enhanced intelligence.

Web Analytics
Data Science
Creative Design

Digital Performance
Data Modelling
Digital Analytics

Once the conjecture of Sci-Fi films; now the daily reality of the world we live in. In 2015, we saw a record of nine mega-breaches, and a reported 430 million exposed identities for those that reported. Public & Private sector alike are focusing increasingly on the creation of technology, systems and processes to combat this threat and protect against potential risk.

CloudStream have a dedicated Cyber security team whose sole purpose is to identify the best talent to secure your business for the future.

Expert Areas

Information Security
Risk Management

Security Architecture
Penetration Testing
Cyber Security

CloudStream has invested substantially to meet the increased demand for talented professionals with proven end-to-end Enterprise & Business Intelligence implementation experience.

Our established teams have talent networks who possess design & implementation knowledge of products from market leading vendors such as SAGE, SAP, SAS, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle or Microsoft.

Expert Areas

Statistical Analysis – SAS
Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence – Cognos
CRM – Sales Force
Big Data Development

With the release and adoption of a range of emerging technologies at an enterprise level, our partners are increasingly undertaking major transformation programmes and CloudStream are positioned at the heart of this movement. Our aim is to provide the best of breed experts and talent engagement strategies to organisations undertaking change management at a group level.

Expert Areas

Business Analysis
Service Delivery
Programme Management

Project Management
Engagement Management
Release Management

Traditional technology infrastructure solutions have undergone a revolution in recent times with enhanced storage, virtualisation and cloud technologies changing the way an organisation maintains its core platforms. CloudStream have built sourcing technical expertise that supports organisations in maintaining and in many cases re-designing their infrastructure. Our expertise bridges the gap between application and infrastructure with a dedicated DevOps team ensuring a movement towards continuous integration.

Expert Areas

Development Operations
Database Administration
Network Storage & Data Centre

Cloud Application Services
Application Support

Having an amazing service, product or solution does not ensure a successful business in the competitive marketplace we operate in. CloudStream have integrated with our partners to help develop their internal/ external sales and support offering to enable successful holistic business solutions. CloudStream has built an established Commercial & Shared Services team  to provide a full suite of commercials and consulting functions

Expert Areas

Management Consulting
Business Development
Finance & Accounting

Sales & Marketing
Account Management
Human Resources