Talent Consultant - Singapore

What’s the Opportunity?​

At CloudStream we are seeking experienced Talent Consultants who have already proven they are committed to a career in talent acquisition.

You will have the opportunity to join one of the hottest global technology companies launched in the last year. With an international platform, global spread of clients and a proven management team. We believe this is a defining career opportunity.

What does the role involve?

Talent Consultants at CloudStream are the life blood of our business. These are the consultants that are in the market on a daily basis working with new or existing clients to develop interesting projects and solutions.

This is a sales based position and one that has core KPI’s at its very foundation. We look to win and deliver talent projects.

You will be trained to identify some of the most challenging technology specialists in the world in order to fulfil a mix of domestic or international technology project needs.

The nature of the role means it will be telephone and Skype intensive, we expect all our consultants to have client facing capability.

What are we after?

Whether coming from an agency or onsite we are looking for consultants that have a very strong technical acumen – one of our core differentiators is technical expertise and ability to understand a client’s project and then fulfil their needs.

At this level we are looking for the upper quartile of consultant, a demonstrable track record of success in the early years of their career and true motivators and values.

We are very open as to whether you have focused on permanent or flexible provision in the past – we have a critical need for both.

You must naturally want to beat targets and take instruction well.

Some of the core attributes we look for include: Tenacity, Communication & Listening Skills, Creativity, Hunger to Succeed.

The Next Step

If this sounds like you and you’re now ready to embark on one of the most fulfilling careers in the world then please connect with Caylee.vanWyk@cloudstreamglobal.com our Talent Acquisition Manager.